About Association

About the International Association of Financial and Economic Education Institutions (IAFEEI)

The Association was founded with a view to bring together and coordinate the efforts made by the organizations that are interested in improving the content of economic education programs and learning technologies; to protect their rights and represent their interests in the legislative and executive bodies and other community and international organizations.

The IAFEEI members are the higher education institutions (universities) and post-secondary training schools, research centers and other legal entities that provide their support to the economic education sector players and have accepted the conditions set by the Association's Charter.

What is our area of expertise?

1. Cooperation with universities, Teaching Methodology Association of the HEIs of Russia, international accreditation agencies and other organizations;

2. Formation of the legal framework, a technological infrastructure for and an organizational structure of an electronic network-based university;

3. Foundation of an international center for the implementation of joint training programs and accreditation of experts in finance and economics;

4. Introduction and adaptation of international standards in educational program quality assessment and rendering of services in accreditation of educational programs in finance and economics;

5. Divulgation of knowledge of finance and the idea of financial literacy.


Contact information

International Association of Financial and Economic Education Institutions (IAFEEI) Not-for-Profit Organization

Postal address: 123995, Moscow, Ulitsa Oleko Dundicha, 23, room 601

Contact person

Oksana Grazhdan

Tel.: 8 (499) 277-28-80

E-mail: ograjdan@fa.ru


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